Shipping Agency Agreement

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The copyright of the agency agreement belongs to FONASBA. The editors are BIMCO and FONASBA. And from BIMCO`s point of view, it is equally important to adapt agency contracts to make them more user-friendly. The general agency contract has been developed for the provision of selected agency services over a specified period of time in a defined territory or territory. It is designed to be used in all trades and can be adapted to the individual needs of the parties. This contract was published in December 2017 and is the latest issue. The copyright of the general agency agreement is the responsibility of FONASBA. The editors are BIMCO and FONASBA. We offer clearly described services and the price per service provided. The price is always the same when we provide the same services in the same port – you know exactly what you are charged and do not receive any unpleasant surprises. With a service contract, you can save up to 30% in agency fees…