Right To Buy Voluntary Agreement

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The voluntary agreement provides that housing companies offer to sell the property in which they live to tenants, and this is the case in most cases. The government`s right-to-buy website allows interested parties to sign up for notifications: Click on the “Housing Company Tenant” link at the top right of the page and fill out a pop-up contact field. In the last parliamentary elections, the government committed to extending the right to sell to tenants of housing companies. Housing companies have offered to cooperate voluntarily with the government to make this a reality. Since then, we have been working together to agree on how this new offering will work in practice. For any updates or other information about the system, customers can sign up for government updates or contact the “Agent Right to Buy” service at righttobuy.gov.uk. The National Housing Federation (NHF) and the 2015 coalition government have reached an agreement to extend the right of sale to insured tenants of housing companies on a voluntary and non-legal basis (PDF 337 KB). The rebate is developed in the same way as the legal right of sale for council tenants. For more information, click here: righttobuy.gov.uk/right-to-buy-calculator/] You can register your interest on the government website, righttobuy.gov.uk The pilot was launched on August 16, 2018 – interested people had to register online on September 16, 2018 before midnight. Successful candidates had to go directly to their landlord to continue the process. The owners conducted additional aptitude tests.

Guidelines for housing companies (PDF 966 KB) participating in the Midlands pilot project were published in May 2018 by the Ministry of Housing, Municipalities and Local Government (MHCLG). The pilot is focusing on two aspects of the voluntary agreement that have not been covered by the original pilots: the national voluntary sales right program has not yet been implemented. Once launched, information on how to apply for a government rebate is confirmed as part of the application process.