Livery Yard Agreements

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The deposit – a very important clause that should be included in all painting agreements to help with bad payers. In essence, the owner of the farm reserves the right to keep the horse and its equipment until the payment of the unpaid fees. If payment is not made on request, the farm owner can sell the horse and equipment to cover the debt. There should be a disclaimer in which the owner of the horse agrees to waive the responsibility of the farm in case of bodily injury or injury to the horse. (This would not protect the owner of the paint farm from a right to negligence.) Details about the services included in the painting fee. 3.1 The owner ensures that the horse is supplied with all the belongings set out in the calendars (this describes the owner`s responsibilities to your horse, the services provided by the farm, the fees for using the services, your horse`s profile and a daily breakdown of your horse`s painting routine, and is written in four parts) Charitable decisions – the owner of the farm should have the right to: the decision to euthanize the horse on veterinary advice only if the owner can not be contacted. The importance of this issue was recently underscored by a case where a farm owner was prosecuted after euthanizing a horse with colic instead of ordering the veterinarian to proceed with the operation. The owner of the farm provides a loose box and basic facilities, but the owner of the horse usually feeds, trains and takes care of the horse. Horse passport — the original was to be kept on the farm, but most horse owners are reluctant to give up the passport. In this case, the owner of the farm should be provided with updated copies who should reserve the right to see the original.

No one can drive on this farm without a hard hat and safe shoes. Please help keep the farm free of glue, brushes, halves, hooves or – catch up with yourself and your horse. Describe all costs and who is responsible for them. Veterinary and farrier costs are usually the responsibility of the owner and should be taken into account. Indicate any additional costs: deworming, clipping, additional additions and whether they are included in the painting fee or how much is charged…