Lackawanna College Transfer Agreements

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See how previous courses can be transferred to Lackawanna College to save you time and money by earning your degree faster. Transfer students should be aware that the transfer from GenEd to GenEd only concerns the requirements of the university`s general education institution. All requirements of Temple schools and colleges and major programs of study remain in effect. GenEd-to-GenEd: This agreement applies to students who first enrolled at Temple for or after the Fall 2015 semester and received a Degree associated with Lacakawanna in one of the following transfer plans: Add the courses you took at other colleges or universities to see how to get to Lackawanna College. Each transfer guide describes the specific equivalencies and substitutions allowed for each academic program included in the agreement. 2. Students must complete an AA transfer or OER course, be in good condition, be on parole, and have a minimum cumulative average of 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale). You can find information on the main requirements and the display of semester-by-semester plans offered in the current undergraduate report card. In order to better promote and facilitate the transfer of students from Lackawanna College to Temple University, Temple and Lackawanna College have entered into the following transfer agreement: 1. .