Interlocal Purchasing Agreements

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Interlocal agreement for cooperative purchases November 4, 2009 Contact Claudia Christensen claudiac@uw.edu on existing or new contracts. RCW 39.34 inter-local agreements allow a local government to enter into inter-local agreements with other public bodies in the interest of cooperative sharing of resources for mutual benefit. In accordance with RCW 39.34, the University of Washington has over the years entered into inter-local agreements with other public bodies for various purposes. `public body` means any authority, political division or local government entity of that State, including, but not limited to, local authorities, quasi-communal authorities, district of assignment and local service districts; each authority of the Land Government; any U.S. agency; any tribe of Indians recognized as such by the federal government; and any political subdivision of another state With effect from 7 June 2006, RCW 39.34.040 was amended to allow a public authority to list inter-local agreements on its website instead of submitting the agreement to the County Auditor`s Office. The inter-premises purchase agreements listed below are published in accordance with RCW 39.34.040 and have not been registered by the King County Auditor`s Office. The university is a member of a series of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) which are also presented below. De Pierce County Enhanced 9-1-1 PSAP Participation Agreement Adopted by Resolution No. 38397 on The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) is a national purchasing cooperative that allows its members to access competitive purchasing contracts.

TIPS is hosted and managed in The 8 Region Educational Services Center in Pittsburg, Texas. . Interlocal agreement with Pierce County Traffic Traffic Safety Emphasis and Mutual Aid Agreement to promote targeted, arrested and successful prosecutions of persons guilty of traffic offences and offences, with particular emphasis on driving under the influence and other alcohol offences. . Interlocal agreement with Pierce County for the renewal of the Enhanced 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point Participation Agreement for 2014. Adopted by Decision No 38828 amending the Tacoma Fircrest Agreement on Waste water with a view to creating a new method of calculating the housing tariff to be paid by Fircrest. Adopted by Decision No. 38360 of 8 November 2011 Interlocal Agreement for the Establishment and Operation of Tacoma 36 Adopted by Decision No. 37855 on the Joint Interlocal Purchase Agreement Adopted by Decision No.

33527 of 25 August 1998 Interlocal Agreement implementing a programme for the transfer of development rights in the city. Adopted by Decision No. 38536 on RCW 39.34.010. The objective of this Chapter is to enable local government entities to use their powers in the most efficient way possible, enabling them to cooperate with other places on the basis of mutual benefit and thus provide services and facilities in a manner and according to forms of governmental organization that are best suited to geographical economic activities, Demographic and other factors that influence the needs and development of local communities. . Interlocal agreement for the coordinated approval of the interlocal purchase agreement for the development of Point Ruston with effect from 15 May 2018. Cities of DuPont, Gig Harbor, Lakewood, Puyallup and Sumner and Pierce County. Interlocal agreement for the 56th Street Sidewalk project with the City of Tacoma Streets Initiative Package #33 To view the full text of RCW 39.34, please visit apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=39.34. .

Inter-local agreement on the 2004 Department of Justice Interoperable Communications Grant First Responder Inter-operable Communications Services, to add the Town of Puyallup as a member agency of South Sound 9-1-1; approval of 63-20 funding; include provisions on the competences of member agencies in the event of future tax collection deficits; and update the outdated language….